How to Take Better Care of Your Boobs in 4 Simple Steps

To better protect women and the breasts they love and sometimes hate and always want to hold on to, the American Cancer Society has issued a new set of guidelines this week that recommends women be screened less frequently for breast cancer.

The organization now advises women with an average breast cancer risk to start getting mammograms at 45 years old instead of 40, and tells doctors to stop bothering with routine breast checks in their offices if the patient has no symptoms of abnormality in their breasts. To those of us who check WebMD too often, it sounds crazy. Early detection would seem to increase the odds that a patient will beat cancer. But the latest research shows that traditional methods of detection are ineffective and even inaccurate, leading women to seek aggressive treatments for a disease they may not have.

As the chief of breast surgery at the Duke Cancer Institute, Dr. Shelley Hwang knows the heartbreak of gratuitous surgeries. In her own practice and in ELLE, she has advocated for less-invasive medical protocol.

And while she emphasizes that mammograms have helped reduce death from breast


7 Surprising Ways You are Unknowingly Making Your Period Worse

All the trouble from your laundry list of errands to your boss who thinks 1:23 a.m. on a Friday night is an appropriate time to send emails probably can’t compare with the annoyance and pain that is your period. So why the hell would you want to make it worse than it already is? Hate to break it to you, but you could be making that time of the month extra grueling by committing one of these (menstruation) sins.

1. You’ve skipped the Pill (more than once).

What’s the biggest cause for kill-me-now PMS symptoms? An unbalanced change in hormones, says Sherry Ross, M.D., a Los Angeles-based gynecologist. Since the Pill is *all* about playing with your body’s systems, forgetting more than three doses can lead to irregular spotting and bleeding. Also, a note about birth control and your cycle: all methods (except, well, condoms) can affect your period differently, so make sure you talk to your doctor.

2. You’re so incredibly stressed.

Seriously? It’s bad enough that stress is killing you like


6 Secrets of Women Who Never Get Sick

8-best-womens-health-tips-everThose lucky people who seem to avoid colds altogether…how exactly do they do it? Are they just blessed with superhuman immune systems? Not quite—it’s likely they’ve picked up some easy, everyday habits that protect them from illness. Use them to help your body fight off intruders and stay sniffle-free this year.

1 Have a Set Bedtime

Research shows that those who sleep 8 hours or more per night are three times less likely to develop a cold compared to people who snooze for less than 7 hours. One reason why: At night your body repairs itself and regulates stress hormones that can make you more susceptible to infection.

“I instituted a strict sleep/wake schedule in my house that applies on weekdays and weekends. At a recent doctor’s appointment for physicals, he said that we hadn’t been there for sick visits in over a year—quite a feat for a mom and three kids ages 5 to 16!” —Mikita Burton, Lenexa, KS

Eat Colors

Filling up on antioxidant-rich foods like sweet


Get the Best Dentist for Your Teeth Health

Do you think that paying attention to the health is very important? Why do you think in this way? Well, we know that having the good condition of the body is the dream of everyone. When we can have the good condition of the health, we can do any kinds of good activities in our life. Besides, we will be easier for having any kinds of things to do well. In this case, paying attention to the health means that we should pay attention to all parts of body.

Teeth is one of the important part of body that we should be able to consider. I believe that you want to have the good condition of the health also right? In this case, you need to find out the best dentist for taking care of your teeth. Have you found it? dentist in Orange Park is one of the most recommended dentists since they will offer you with the best result of the treatment.

Dentist in Orange Park will offer you with such a complete service not only for those who are suffering from toothache but also for anyone who want to have the dental treatment like scaling and soon. The


Holistic Treatments Is The Solution For Your Health

Reclaiming your optimal health using the holistic treatments is such a very great idea that you have to do for real. It is because the holistic treatments will definitely be able to improve your health and also make you free from any diseases in the most awesome way possible. So then, you will definitely have the optimal health and the better life to live.  But, what are actually holistic treatments? In case you really want to know what they are, it will be so much recommended for you to keep reading below.

In addition, in case you are so interested in doing the holistic treatments, you have to make sure that you choose the particular trusted practitioner which can be like the holistic MD in Los Angeles. There are so many certificated and trustworthy experts of holistic treatments that can give you the best service. So the, you can get the best result of the treatments just like what you have ever expected.

Well, the holistic treatments are actually some medical approaches that will be emphasized on helping those who really want to have an optimal health.  These treatments will be commonly done through some different therapies based on what the


Applications Of Polymer Optics

The usage of polymer with optical material is not that new, in fact. But now on the application of this polymer material, you find it more often, though you rarely notice. It it predictable, however, if you consider many advantages from polymer optics in comparison of traditional optical glass. It is not only about its application that is very versatile compared to another optical products, but it has good grade quality that makes the idea about replacing optical glass with polymers is worth it. Looking for a optical material that is not only low cost but also can be used repeatedly without affecting its quality, polymers are worth taking.

Its benefits are not stopping there, polymer optic is an optical material that surprisingly easy to mold. So then, it is viable that you can shape polymers in any shape you have in mind. Very resistance toward impact compared to another optic material like traditional optical glass, this makes many business owner should consider polymer optic. Some may not know, but there is a myth about the limitation of polymers in usage. Without explaining too much, there are many proofs that state the opposite.



Combine the Lifestyle and Medical Weight Loss in Tampa

As having a good health is essential for everyone without exception, having a good body with proportional weight and shape is also becoming the need of some people especially women. The self respect that sometimes related to the weight of the body and the ability to keep the good shape with the high calories food that women consume every day, might cause the need to increase the care of our health and body weight. There are many ways to achieve the healthy and proportional weight with diet, food combine, and routine exercise so the body will always has chance to burn the fat and transform the calories into muscle weight instead of the fat.

medical weight loss in Tampa by the Bay Surgical Specialist offers you something better. The healthy way above will help you to decrease fat and maintain good shape body, but for those who sadly already has obesity and high absorbent of calories in their abdomen will need additional help by the medical surgery. This surgery is different from the fat absorbent act that will simply take over your fat and leave you thinner but somehow still able to gain more weight after the medical act. The


Breast Cancer Center in Houston Northwest

Woman is such a lovely creature that amazingly becomes the foundation of our life. The mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, daughters are all the part of our life and bringing special joy and beauty to the world. We owe them big thank you for taking care of the family, as also pursuing their education, educate their kids, building a great career, make time for social life and surely always present them in such an elegant and graceful manner. All of these beauty and precious values of woman turns the world into better place. Yet, the danger is not in zero degrees.

Fortunately in Houston Northwest you have The Breast Center of Houston Northwest Medical Center. With the various numbers of activities done by woman, it may cause them some disease from the benign to the serious one. The location where they live, the people they are in touch with, and the food they consume, plus the deprived of sleeping time and relaxing space makes woman are often found themselves in danger of breast cancer or other woman genital organs problem. Breast cancer can be healing if only the action is taken in early bird so the cancer cells haven’t spread to


Cypress Creek Provides You 24 Hour Urgent Care in Cypress TX

Health is a very important matter in our life. It plays the biggest role in maintaining the activities and our well being as a human being, which is then, make sense that everyone is trying their best to be in a good shape and always in a good health. The struggles to maintain a good health are taking time to do exercise, consume healthy food and organic vegetables and fruits, regularly seeing doctor for check up, and use the idle time to relax and free our mind. It is important to have a good relaxing time so our mind will be clear and far from the possibility of getting depression and stress.

If you are living around Texas, in Spring or Houston, you can feel grateful for having the 24 hour urgent care in Cypress TX. This professional emergency room Cypress Creek provides you not only the first hand Eligible and Certified doctor but also the certified trained emergency case nurses that will be happy to help you round the clock 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. With the short to no waiting period you will be handled very carefully according to the treatment you need.

Yet with


My Husband Needed Physical Therapy

My husband was injured on the job last year. He had to go through two surgeries as well as rigorous physical therapy in Glendale, but he came out of the ordeal even stronger than he was before it had happened. He had been climbing a ladder when he fell and broke not only his leg but his right arm and two ribs. The doctors had to do surgery on his leg and arm because of the severity of the injury, and he had to wait a few weeks before he could start his physical therapy, mainly because of the broken ribs.

My husband is one of the strongest men I know, and it hurt me to see him in so much pain. He never complained though, and he did everything that his physical therapist told him to do. Continue reading “My Husband Needed Physical Therapy”


Diverse Skill For Beauty Industry In Aesthetic Training

In this modern era, more and more people are getting more aware on the importance of beauty and appearance. To the very least, a well appearance represents a self appreciation. It has been a common recognition that beauty and appearance are factors that counted as advantages even out of the beauty pageant context. Professional everywhere takes into account their capacity and credibility, but their look is one of the most important. A good looking appearance is always one of the considerations that taken into account in measuring someone’ qualification in professional world. A good looking and well appearance represent company credibility and prestige. In its simplest, when beauty is something nice to see thus everybody will try to look nice and beautiful.

But, surely beauty is not only for professional. For many, a well appearance is a good asset to preserve carrier or to achieve more. But, more often a well appearance is simply about looking beauty and well cared. Everywhere, people make a budget allocation for beauty and personal care that is more than just bathing soap and shampoo. There are makeups for women and body treatment for men, skin treatment and even beyond skin. The way to achieve a


6 Weird Things About Your Vagina That Are Totally Normal

Not sure if that discharge or smell is normal? Stressing about whether or not to shave down there? If you’re not sure if your vagina is normal but you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends, read this to find out what’s really going on down there.

1. It’s uneven.

Have you truly looked? It might feel funny, but the best way to get comfortable with your vagina is to grab a hand mirror and take a look. Mostly what you’ll see is the vulva (everything on the outside), which can be all shapes, sizes, and colors. So maybe one lip is longer, or it’s a little wrinkly. But don’t sweat it, because those variations are normal, and it’s totally okay if yours looks different from other ones that you’ve seen. Remember, half of the world has a vagina, it’s what makes you a woman, and just like any other part of your body, it deserves to be accepted!

2. You have a lot (or a little) pubic hair.

Some women have a lot of pubic hair and others not so much — and what you decide to do with yours is your call. If it makes you


I Use Natural Family Planning as My Birth Control

Each time I wrap up an appointment at my ob-gyn’s office, she consults her computerized chart and inquires, “What method of birth control are you using? Do you need a prescription?” And I smile and say, “None, no thanks!” She’s always friendly about it, but I can tell she thinks I’m nuts for it. Although if I’m being totally forthcoming, I actually have a method of birth control, but it’s not called birth control, per se. I practice what is referred to as Natural Family Planning.

Inevitably, when someone hears that we use natural family planning, or NFP, they roll their eyes and say, “The rhythm method?” and then have a little chuckle. No, NFP is not the rhythm method. I wonder if those who bring it up even know the details of the rhythm method, to be honest. Other people, including my own doctor, react with disbelief, knowing for certain that NFP will inevitably fail us, and that we’re basically just begging to become pregnant.

I had taken birth control pills during college to help deal with ovarian cysts and found that while they helped with the cysts, they also made me feel irritable and overly emotional.


How to Slash Your Stroke Risk

You may think of a stroke as just that—a stroke of bad luck. But in fact, many strokes (and heart attacks) are preventable if you modify one big risk factor: high blood pressure, or hypertension. Unlike other red flags such as obesity or smoking, high blood pressure is usually a silent issue. Since you don’t actually feel sick, it’s easy to shove aside the results of the quick test. Here’s why you should pay attention: Your numbers are a reflection of how hard your heart has to work with each beat. If left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to stiffening of vessels and increased risk of plaque buildup. (A stroke happens when a piece of plaque ruptures, causing a blood clot to develop.) The higher your blood pressure, the greater your danger. ​


Reducing your blood pressure to an optimal level (see chart) can lengthen your life by at least one to three years. If you have extremely high numbers, starting on medication right away is standard, along with lifestyle changes. If your BP is only mildly elevated, you’ll likely be encouraged to alter your habits first. Try these research-backed


11 Sneaky Reasons Why You are Always Tired

Are you consistently exhausted — even when you’re getting enough sleep? If so, there might be a few not-so-obvious reasons you’re so sluggish. Lucky for you, there are also a few pretty easy fixes!

1. You’re not waking up early enough.

Take your hand away from the snooze-button. While it may seem counter-intuitive, sleeping until the last possible second might actually be harming you more than helping you! “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise” isn’t just a cute rhyme. You really do need to get up and take some time for yourself to de-stress before heading out for the day. Don’t believe us? A 2008 Harvard study showed that morning people better anticipate problems than night owls and are more proactive, which is linked to better job (and life) performance and success.

2. You’re surrounded by toxic people.

Complaining coworkers and whining pals can actually make you tired. “People you allow into your life not only have the power to affect you emotionally, but can also take a toll on you physically,” explains Vicky Vlachonis, osteopath and author of The Body Doesn’t Lie. “If people that are cynical and tend to complain surround you, they can be draining


8 Fixes for Your Worst Period Problems

  1. Acne

High progesterone levels before your period rev up oil-gland production. Then testosterone (a source of skin trouble) stays steady as the hormones that usually balance out T drop. You’re left defenseless and zitty, says dermatologist Monica Schadlow, M.D.

What to do: Use a gentle cleanser, like Cetaphil or Cerave, and don’t go nuts with the harsh scrubs, toners, or wipes — you want to get rid of bad oils but keep good ones. BC pills with drospirenone (Yasmin, Yaz) are FDA-approved to treat moderate acne. Prescription topical meds can also help.

2. Lower Back Pain

This may actually be cramps in disguise: Since some uteruses tilt toward the back, that could be where you’re feeling it.

What to do: Go old-school: Heating pads really can help, whether your front or back is hurting. Thermacare makes portable ones for under your clothes (from $3, An NIH study also showed that weekly sessions of yoga or stretching helped lessen back pain (although it wasn’t directly linked to your red-dot special).

3. Weight Gain

If you’re gaining weight a few days before your flow starts, it’s probably water retention. The likely culprit: yep, hormones.

What to do: Caffeinated drinks can be a natural diuretic, says


The American Cancer Society Is Now Recommending Women Get Fewer Mammograms

Up until now, the American Cancer Society has recommended that women have annual mammograms starting at age 40. But on Tuesday, the group issued new guidelines suggesting that women with an average risk of breast cancer start annual breast exams at the age of 45, and continue once a year until age 54. After that, breast-cancer screenings should be continued every other year, as long as you otherwise have a clean bill of health. So why the sudden change?

The modifications correlate to the rising evidence that mammography is not always accurate, especially in younger women, and the idea that breast cancer is not common enough in young age groups to make mammography worthwhile. In fact, it seems that premature breast screening can lead to false positive test results and unnecessary biopsies. As reported in the New York Times, Dr. Richard C. Wender, the ACS’s chief cancer control officer, says the change in policy resulted from an in-depth review of the research data that the society regularly conducts in order to update screening guidelines.

Some experts agree with ​the American Cancer Society, while others still believe that screening should be done earlier and more frequently. The controversy between various influential groups— including the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists—has left many women confused, hoping that their doctors


Get Your Blood Sugar Levels Checked

Don’t be surprised if your doc orders a blood sugar test on your next visit. Today, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) — a panel of experts in preventive and evidence-based medicine — published its recommendation that overweight and obese adults between the ages of 40 and 70 be screened for abnormal blood sugar. Those found to have levels on the high side should then receive intensive behavioral counseling (think: diet and exercise), and those with regular levels should be tested again after three years.

Abnormal blood sugar levels occur when the body doesn’t efficiently break down and use sugar you consume from food — aka insulin resistance. If high blood sugar is left untreated, it can result in type 2 diabetes, which in turn can lead to other chronic conditions, such as heart disease. The good news is that a host of studies have found that lifestyle interventions, including eating nutrient-rich foods and increasing physical activity, can normalize blood sugar levels.

This recommendation comes at a time when the number of Americans dealing with type 2 diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. A study published in September’s JAMA found that almost half of the American population has either diabetes or prediabetes. What’s worse, 38 percent of